BIBS Dummies (size 2) - Pack of 2

  • $15.50

The beautiful BIBS dummies from Denmark! 

With so many beautiful colours to choose from, and 3 different sized teats, there's a BIBS dummy to suit everybody. 

Size 1: Newborn to 6mo Please see Size 1 listing

Size 2: Labelled as 6-18mo (but can be used for younger babies) 

Size 3: 18mo+ Please see Size 3 listing 

Material: Teat - 100% Natural Latex, Shield - Polypropylene
Complies to EN safety Standards 1400

100% BPA and PVC Free 

**Replace your Bibs dummy after 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons.**

Always inspect before use, especially if your baby has teeth. Pull the dummy in all directions. Discard at the first sign of damage or weakness.