BIBS Dummies (Size 3) - Pack of 2

  • $14.00

The beautiful BIBS dummies from Denmark! 

With so many beautiful colours to choose from, and 2 different sized teats, there's a BIBS dummy to suit everybody. 

Size 2: Labelled as 6-18mo but suitable from Newborn (Available in 10 colours) Please see listing for Size 2.

Size 3: 18mo+ (Available in 4 colours)

Material: Teat - 100& Natural Latex, Shield - Polypeopylene
Complies to EN safety Standards 1400

100% BPA and PVC Free 

Before first use, sterilise the dummy by putting it into boiling water for 5 minutes. Water may enter the teat due to the vented air hole. Once the dummy has cooled, squeeze between fingers to remove any water and ensure hygiene. Clean and sterilise dummy daily, by pouring boiling water over the dummy. Do not use a dishwasher or microwave for sterilising as this will destroy the natural rubber.

**Replace your Bibs dummy after 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons.**

Always inspect before use, especially if your baby has teeth. Pull the dummy in all directions. Discard at the first sign of damage or weakness.