Build-ables Plus - Express Truck Courier Service


For children who have a passion for building, the Construct IT Build-ables Express Truck is the ultimate gift!

The Build-ables Plus series from Construct IT offers an incredible experience for kids who enjoy constructing things. What sets this series apart is the inclusion of a special tool kit designed specifically for children, allowing them to bring this epic cement truck to life! It goes beyond simple block assembly, providing an engaging opportunity for children to learn about using tools, the basics of engineering, and refining their fine motor skills. Construct IT excels at seamlessly blending fun and education, making them the leading brand in construction-based sets.

While children learn valuable skills as they bring this impressive cement truck to life, they will also have a blast throughout the process. Once assembled, they can drive it around their room, and the addition of flashing lights and sounds enhances the excitement of playtime. With approximately 80 pieces, this set is an ideal entry point into the Build-ables series. Each step of the building process is clearly and precisely explained, ensuring a frustration-free experience for kids.

Suitable for ages 5 and up

Key Features:

  • Perfect for younger children
  • Provides an engaging introduction to the world of engineering
  • Vibrant and eye-catching design
  • Promotes mental and physical development through building
  • Great way to help a child play more creatively
  • The box doubles as a practical storage case, keeping everything organised and secure
  • STEM activity