Boost Bikkies Lactation Cookies

Type: Cookies

100% natural, allergy friendly and preservative free breastfeeding/lactation cookies which can help mums increase breast milk naturally.

LACTATION COOKIES - These little cookies made by The Yummy Mummy Food Company are packed full of a unique selection of natural herbs and wholesome ingredients that may help towards promoting healthy lactation for breast feeding mums. Both Fenugreek and Fennel are included in this tasty recipe as these are both well known galactagogues (lactation promoting ingredients) and have been traditionally used for many years as a herbal remedy to encourage healthy lactation. They may stimulate milk flow and are also reputed to counteract infant colic.  

Boost Bikkies Lactation Cookies are preservative, refined sugar, wheat & dairy free while still being delicious and nourishing - there's benefit in every bite for you and your baby!

Personally recommended by Lucy of Love, Charlie xo - Lucy used these cookies when struggling to breastfeed a tongue tied newborn and they definitely helped to increase breast milk production!

 ***Lactation cookies do not replace the advice of breastfeeding professionals***

To seek help for breastfeeding, you can contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association or follow Debbie Garbin (IBCLC) on Facebook at