Lift Truck


Introducing the Construct IT Lift Truck - a remarkable addition to the highly acclaimed Construct IT line of creative toys. If you're looking for exceptional value, look no further. With an impressive 120 pieces, this set offers an enjoyable challenge for your child to conquer. Get ready for the excitement as they embark on the task of assembling this epic Lift Truck.

But here's the best part - the Lift Truck actually works! Once built, your child can use the cherry picker to move other toys, adding a new level of interactive fun to their playtime. This set includes all the necessary components and tools to construct the Lift Truck, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

However, the true adventure begins when your child discovers the boundless potential of their imagination. With over 100 pieces at their disposal, they can create their own magnificent creations, limited only by their creativity. From innovative vehicles to imaginative structures, the possibilities are endless.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, the Construct IT Lift Truck set offers an immersive and educational play experience. Inspire your child's creativity, foster their love for cool vehicles, and let their engineering skills shine with Construct IT!

Let your child dive into the world of Construct IT and experience the joy of building, creating, and exploring. The Construct IT Lift Truck is not just a toy - it's a gateway to endless possibilities, where imagination and learning come together in perfect harmony.


Suitable for ages 8 and up

Skill Level: 1 - Beginner


Key Features:

  • Fun and Learning: The Construct IT Lift Truck set offers a perfect balance of entertainment and education, providing hours of fun while also fostering valuable learning experiences.
  • Real Metal Pieces: Unlike other construction sets, the Construct IT range utilizes real metal pieces, giving each set an authentic feel and enhancing the overall construction experience.
  • Hands-On Assembly: With the included mini tool kit, children have the opportunity to actively participate in the assembly process by screwing and securing each piece, promoting a sense of accomplishment and building valuable motor skills.
  • Introduction to Engineering: Children with a passion construction will have an absolute blast with this set, immersing themselves in the excitement of building and playing with their own creation.
  • Perfect Starter Set: With 120 pieces, this set is a great entry point into the Construct IT line, offering a manageable challenge for young builders and providing a solid foundation for future construction projects.
  • Suitable for Ages 8 and Up: The Construct IT Lift Truck set is designed for children aged 8 and above, ensuring age-appropriate complexity and promoting independent play and learning.

Box Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm x 4.5cm

Materials: Metal & Plastic