Little Coughs Essential Oil Blend

A beautiful blend of essential oils by Sawyer Botanica.

A gentle blend of Cardamom: Promotes clear breathing and respiratory health. It's gentler and safer for children than other respiratory oils and of course Frankincense (the king of oils that helps boost Immune system function and prevent Illness). They both assist in opening the airways and helping loosen mucus, naturally. 

Simply apply to the chest and back as needed. Infused with dried chamomile 

- Always seek medical advice before use for any concerns.


-I am not a medical professional and recommend consulting with a trusted doctor for any concerns about using essential oils for your family.

Please note : Safety

-All essential oils used in each blend are DoTerras certified pure therapeutic grade oils, diluted accordingly with quality fractionated coconut oil.

-Always patch test for skin sensitivity 24hrs before use

-Please consult your GP for any concerns or advice about using essential oils before use.

-Not to be consumed nor left unattended around children. Please use only as directed. Use at own risk.

-Pregnancy and essential oil use - It is recommended to not use essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy without consulting with your health professional. Clary Sage, Peppermint, Fennel + Basil are not recommended for use. These rule out the blends Relieve, Motivate, Fertility support. Please consult your midwife for guidance.