Fairytale Bobbles Elastics Set


Hair doesn't have to be hard! School mornings or rushing out for lunch without fail includes, "Mum, can you do my hair?". 

A hair dresser friend gifted me some hair bobbles and OMG it changed my life!

Hair bobbles make tying hair super easy and oh so cute! The process is pretty simple!

1 - Hold the hair in the position you would like it
2 - Place one bobble end on the top of the hair portion in place, I hold this down with my thumb
3 - Twist the elastic around the hair with your free hand, several twists until it is nice and tight
4 - Open the elastic towards the end of the loose part and pop it over the bobble secured down with your thumb

There is a reason that these were called "Daddy Elastics" back in the day, even daddy can do it!

This pack includes 6 x different coloured bobble elastics