Mini Smoothie Cup - Blueberry

by Smoo
Type: Smoothie Cup

Smoo helps parents navigate fussy eating, encouraging healthier habits using a positive and playful approach.

Our collection of Mini Smoothie Cups have been thoughtfully designed with functionality, practicality and curated with colourful, healthy inspired prints that make kids happy.

Smoo is fast becoming popular and loved in homes around Oz, and it's not hard to see why!

       Fun MINI size, perfect for small hands & little bellies

       Stainless steel and double wall insulated, keeping cooler for longer

       Screw top lid to reduce mess

       Soft silicone straw with stopper so it can't be pulled out through the lid

       Easy to use and clean, no grooves or complicated straw systems

No more straw pulling and flicking smoothie everywhere
No more popping off lids
Less food refusal and waste
Less tears at challenging mealtimes
Perfect for on-the-go busy bees



Volume: Approx 200mls
Cup dimensions: 9cm in height
Straw length: 13cm


Wash your cup prior to first use, and in-between each use in warm soapy water using a gentle dish cloth or gentle bottle brush. Your straw should be rinsed (where possible) after each use to avoid contents drying inside the straw. Each cup comes with a straw cleaner that you can insert into the straw to clean thoroughly. Cups should be completely dry before storing them away.

Avoid excessive heat to preserve your prints. Dishwasher use is not recommended for this item.


This Smoothie Cup is designed for use with Smoothies keeping bellies full of nutrition, however, there are a few little things that we need to mention to make sure everyone sips safely.
🚫 For use with cool/cold liquid ONLY
🚫 DO NOT fill with hot drinks as it can cause burns and serious injury. Our cups contain a straw hole, hot liquids are not suitable.
🚫 It is recommended for ages 3 and up and adult supervision is advised when in use
🚫 DO NOT place in the microwave
🚫 DO NOT place in the freezer
🚫 DO NOT chew, pull, or force the straw through the lid
Children should always be supervised when eating and drinking.