• Illustrated by Elise Hurst

    Foreword by Neil Gaiman

    “A truly inspirational book that ignites the inner storyteller. Bedtime stories, creative writing, and fantastic conversations will abound!” —The Children’s Book Review

    What happens when story time begins with a little glowing doorway under a bridge, a pair of koalas floating on an autumn leaf, or a giant mantis returning a library book? Absolutely anything!

    Inside this book are an infinite number of stories, waiting for you to bring them to life! You’ll find 52 magical hand-drawn illustrations — of strange lands, mystical creatures, curious animals, and intriguing characters. But there are no accompanying words, because you, the storyteller, are the missing ingredient.

    Open this book at any time, or on any page and let the rich details of each illustration become the beginning of an adventure you create. With countless possible stories living on every page, The Storyteller’s Handbook is like having an entire library in a single book!

    Special Features

    • Includes 52 stunning illustrations to use as story prompts, with the number of tales being as endless as your imagination
    • Sophisticated, layered imagery invites the creativity of children and adults alike
    • An engaging bedtime read, road-trip activity, or creative writing exercise
    • Includes a foreword by Neil Gaiman, gold foil stamping on a hardcover, and lay-flat binding
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Size: 7.5″W x 9.875″H
    • Page Count: 128 pages


    ds: 9″H x 7.25W”
  • Includes 20 cards