The Ultimate Easter Pom-pom Book & Kit

by Easter
Type: Activity Set

Kids will love getting crafty with this kit that celebrates all things Easter! Packaged in a fold-out pack, this kit comes complete with 1 ball of white wool, 1 ball of yellow wool, a chick carboard stencil, pom-pom stencils, coloured felt, mini pom-poms, a pink fluffy tail, eyes and a nose. Also included is a 16-page instruction book with added Easter bunting template.


  • An excellent gift for kids who love to spend time engaging in arts and crafts.
  • Includes craft materials such as wool, cardboard stencils, pom poms, felt, coloured eyes and a nose.
  • Includes an easy to read 16 page book, with instructions on how to make the pom pom bunny and
  • A kit that will surely keep children entertained for hours over the Easter break.
  • A great opportunity for children to be creative, artistic and use their imagination!


Format: Fold-out kit with velcro closures and various components including 16pp book

Extent: Numerous materials, including a 16pp book

Dimensions: 292 mm x 220 mm x 42 mm