My First Farm Animal - Cow

by Tikiri
Type: Toys

An adorable all rubber cow toy that is great for little hands to grab and squeeze. Features a little bell that rattles inside to delight and entertains little ones.

Fully enclosed for hygiene safety. Made from sustainable natural rubber.

Suitable for ages: Newborn and up


Looking after Tikiri rubber baby toys. 

Tikiri rubber toys are all made from pure natural rubber. Pure natural rubber - we can say this because we don't add any preservatives or agents to the rubber compounds, this keeps our products as non toxic as possible which is great for the environment and also for the young babies that play with them. However because we don’t add anything it means that we really need to follow the care instructions because if we don’t then problems will appear. 

So here are some tips on keeping your Tikiri Toys in tip top condition. 

Keep Checking Baby Toys For Damage 

This is the most important thing to do, this is a natural product so it will eventually degrade, we estimate if cared for correctly then it should last 3 years before you start to see signs of degeneration. 
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check regularly, a lot of our toys are designed to be teethers so they are going to be chewed so it is super important to make sure you check regularly for damage. 
Toys should be checked for any tears or cracking and should be stretched to make sure no cracks appear. If they do then discard the toy and do not give to your child.
If the rubber has become sticky or patches of brown appear then it should also be disposed of.

Keep Rubber Baby Toys Dry

After being played with bath toys should be dried really well and then taken out of the bathroom and stored in a different room. 
We say this because this is a natural product, if it is left damp and kept in the bathroom where the air is moist and warm then over time the toys can develop mould spots. 
Mould loves to grow in warm damp conditions so it is going to really love growing on our toys as they are super cute too. This is one of the reason we don’t have a hole in any of our toys so mould can’t grow on the inside, where you can’t see it. 
If mould does grow wash with hot soapy water and a wipe down will get rid of it. 

Keep Rubber Baby Toys Out Of Sunlight 

Yep, just like children our toys are sensitive to UV damage, because we don’t add a preservative if they are then left in direct sunlight then they will discolour and lose their super cute colours.
The direct sunlight can also speed up the ageing process of the rubber so it can become brittle and start to crack. 

Keep Rubber Baby Toys Away From Heat

Again toys like children don’t like to be near a source of heat and if left there long enough they will burn, the rubber will discolour and you will be left with brown marks and cracking, so keep well away from fires and don’t put on radiators to dry out. 

How to Clean Rubber Baby Toys

A quick wipe with some soapy water and a damp cloth is normally enough, we don’t need to go into a washing machine and we don’t need to be sterilised as this will damage rubber toys.

Keep Me Loved 

Who doesn't want to be loved, we really really like to be played with and enjoyed so lots of hugs and kisses are going to be just perfect.