Tip Truck


Introducing the Construct IT Tip Truck by Construct IT, a remarkable fusion of fun, education, and excitement for children. When it comes to construction-based toys, Construct IT takes the lead, offering an unbeatable experience. This set stands out as an affordable treasure trove, overflowing with enjoyable moments and invaluable learning opportunities. Each set in the Construct IT line is meticulously crafted to foster problem-solving skills, deepen children's understanding of manufacturing processes, and nurture their engineering and mechanical aptitude. And the best part? Children embark on this educational journey while fully immersed in a world of fun, blissfully unaware that they are actively learning.

One of the primary reasons behind the soaring popularity of Construct IT sets lies in their construction methodology. It's not just about snapping together plastic pieces; it's about engaging with genuine metal components, utilizing real screws, and employing authentic tools. Each step of the assembly process is carefully explained in the instruction booklet, providing children with a clear understanding of how things come together. Once completed, they not only possess an impressive tip truck for playtime, but they also acquire new skills and develop a profound appreciation for the art of construction.

With 129 captivating pieces, the joy of this set is amplified when children unleash their creativity and invent their own unique constructions. If you're in search of an enthralling set deeply intertwined with STEM learning principles, look no further.


Suitable for ages 8 and up

Skill Level: 1 - Beginner


Key Features:

  • Fun and Learning: The Construct IT Tip Truck set offers a perfect balance of entertainment and education, providing hours of fun while also fostering valuable learning experiences.
  • Real Metal Pieces: Unlike other construction sets, the Construct IT range utilizes real metal pieces, giving each set an authentic feel and enhancing the overall construction experience.
  • Hands-On Assembly: With the included mini tool kit, children have the opportunity to actively participate in the assembly process by screwing and securing each piece, promoting a sense of accomplishment and building valuable motor skills.
  • Introduction to Engineering: Children with a passion construction will have an absolute blast with this set, immersing themselves in the excitement of building and playing with their own creation.
  • Perfect Starter Set: With 129 pieces, this set is a great entry point into the Construct IT line, offering a manageable challenge for young builders and providing a solid foundation for future construction projects.
  • Suitable for Ages 8 and Up: The Construct IT set is designed for children aged 8 and above, ensuring age-appropriate complexity and promoting independent play and learning.

Box Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm x 4.5cm

Materials: Metal & Plastic